The New Dangerous Curves Program helps you get ready to show off your newly developed curves. It’s broken down into phases, where the first 3 phases develop your ability to work harder, while developing the muscle that defines your curves. The last 3 phases are aimed at losing unsightly body fat so those curves can be seen when you want to show them off! Lose fat to reveal a small waist. Build glutes, and shoulders to reveal your hourglass figure.

One of the reasons people plateau is that they never look to increase the amount of work being done. Another reason is that we tend to avoid venturing outside of our comfort zones. Remember the body adapts to everything we do, and we have to find different ways to use exercise to coax our bodies into giving us what we want. With the extended sets programs, you will:


  1. Get more work done in less time, so you’ll burn more calories both during, and after the workout.
  2. Gradually shake your systems up so that your body can make more progress, by improving your ability to do work as you progress through these workouts.
  3. Increase hormones that makes your body release more stored fat, and help you recover from your workouts so that you can come back and train harder for more results.
  4. You’ll develop tone muscles, and you’ll avoid eating up all muscle as you lose weight so that you maintain shape, and look healthy.

Our 90-Day HIIT Programs are designed to help introduce those seeking fat loss and better conditioning to HIIT training. There’s information provided to help members customize the HIIT workouts to their individual fitness level. Programs are also provided that are designed to account for someone’s improved fitness, so that as you make progress, the programs will continue to push you, so that you’ll continue to make progress. These intro level workouts can be done on bike, treadmills, elliptical, or using sprints or body weight exercises.

The Monstrous Muscle Mass Program alternates the way you’ll shake up the system in order to help you gain muscle. Most people use the exact same variables all the time. We make sure that sets, reps, rest periods, intensity… change at the right time to make sure you gain as much muscle as possible. All you have to do is take care of your nutrition.
Most people only perform the cool exercises, and use the basic program variables, when setting up their glute workout program. If you want to be successful in building nice round glutes, you’ll need to get smart about how you train them. Our 6-month glute specialization programs provide smart exercise selection, along with various ways to shake the body up, and give you the booty growth you’ve been seeking.
This is your basic 3-Day per week program for people that don’t, or can’t invest a lot of time into working out, but want to get into great shape. As far as these workouts are concerned, to reach your goals, you’re going to need to bring the intensity every workout. But, these workouts can be performed up to 5 times/week. When you look at the research recommendations for exercise, it attempts to alert us to the existence of two scenarios that can help you reach your goals. You can invest a lot of time, or you can invest less time working out while dealing with the fact that you’ll have to be okay with being outside of your comfort zone during your workouts. I tend to push for higher intensity because you can continue to build on that for both higher levels of fitness, and continued progress. The initial phase of this program will contain whole body workouts aimed at fat loss, by performing super-sets.
This is an intermediate to advanced program that uses Rest-Pause Training to help intermediate to weight trainers gain strength and muscle while also lowering body fat. It’s a periodized workout program that starts with higher intensity, heavier lifting to increase strength and muscle mass, and then ends with high volume work, with moderate reps, which helps build muscle while burning body fat.
This is HIIT is our section containing a collection of our various HIIT Programs, aimed at helping people lose fat, while maintaining muscle. The programs use different types of equipment, and use different methods to challenge your body, and force it to improve your fitness. The programs also vary in their level of difficulty, but include:

  • Metabolic Ladders
  • 90-Day HIIT Programs
  • Metabolic EDT
  • Body Weight HIIT Programs
  • A Tutorial on Ways to Adjust your HIIT Programs
  • And Much More..

This Glute Specialization Program is an intermediate to advanced workout program that’s an answer to the typical high reps/short rest glute workouts that are typically done to add some muscle to your glute game hustle. It’s not your typical, easy 4 sets of 8 reps, 3 sets of 20 reps workout, we introduce concepts such as time under tension, rest-pause training, and other concepts into this program to help you build round shapely glutes. We get aggressive in our pursuit of helping you achieve the progress you’re pursuing.