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Need Effective Fitness Programming???

Our site memberships are as low as $20/month. We have workout programs to fit all of your fitness needs. Fat loss, muscle gain (hypertrophy), HIIT workouts, managing nutrition… we even have specialization programs to bring up lagging. Membership includes access to our tutorials to describe each exercise, and to teach you proper technique


Got a wedding, vacation, or special event that you need to look your absolute best for? If you need help getting there, our Personalized Online Coaching will get you ready with

Individualized Workout and Nutrition Programs !!!


If you’ve been trying to attain that bikini body that commands attention, Our Bikini Body Program has all that you need to be Beach Ready by the Summer!

Super Hero Physique Workout Programs

Want a to transform your body like your favorite actors or actresses did? Have you ever wanted to have a physique like your favorite superhero? We have just the thing for you!!!


HIIT Programs are designed to help you melt those pounds of fat away, while improving health


Chris Howard

Certified Trainer, Strength and Health Coach

Chris Howard is able to offer personalized workout and nutrition programs based on personal goals and needs. He incorporates in-depth health and exercise evaluations, functional training, strength training, nutrition coaching, and more to produce dramatic results for each individual client.

What we do

With Our Cutting Edge Fitness Programming, You’ll Be Able To

  • Drop pounds of unsightly fat.
  • Pack on the Muscle (Yes even you Hardgainers)
  • Improve Your Sports Performance
  • Use Smart Nutrition & Supplementation
  • Programming to help you achieve your goals.
  • Boost Your Strength & Endurance Levels… The Smart Way
  • Bring Up Lagging Body Parts
  • Get Maximum Results For Your Time Invested Working Out!!!

We have various to help you get from Starting Point to Stunning!

Which Include:

Customized On-Line Training & Nutrition Programs based on your fitness levels and your goals.

For those in the Edmond/Oklahoma City Area we have Personal Training sessions from $45/session

Website Access to workout programs designed to achieve your goals, for less than $20/month

online training membership levels

We currently offer 3 levels of Online Fitness Training Memberships that are designed to either cater to your budget, or the amount of coaching that you need to achieve your goals.
We’ll Show You The Way

This is our budget friendly online training package. You’ll be granted access to our entry level workout programs, exercise tutorials, and other insights aimed at helping your goals. It’s aimed at helping beginners out get the most from their workout programs, so that they can advance to the intermediate and advanced levels, and be ready to get into training more specific to your goals. Our evidence based workout and nutrition programs acts like a map, where your pathway to success is highlighted.

Show You The Ropes

Intermediate exercisers require smarter training, and nutrition strategies. And performing workouts with all of the same variables that you used when you first started as a beginner is a one-way ticket to plateau-land, where everyone’s fitness gains go to die. This package is aimed at intermediate level exercisers. They know what they want from their fitness program, but might need to be shown the ins & outs of managing their program so that they can continue making progress towards their goals. Intermediate exercisers require smarter training, and nutrition strategies access to advanced supplementation tutorials and strategies, as well as workout tutorials.

Get In The Car

This is our personalized online coaching package where we find out who you are, and where you’re trying to go, and specifically design a program for you to get there. The other online workout programs will tell you where that neighborhood where your goals reside is, or even drop you off in the same neighborhood, but our fully customized online fitness programs will take you there and drop you off at the front door. All you need is the vision of where you’d like to go, and the work ethic to fuel the journey. With the Platinum Level of this membership we use data such as circumference measurements, blood pressure, body fat, and other markers of health to create strategies based on how you recover from workouts, and manage stress.

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