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Why Your Booty Program Isn’t Working

Why Your Booty Program Isn’t Working (Or Why Your Glutes Stopped Growing) Booty Building is a real thing. In fact having well developed glutes for women is starting to become as essential for women as having well developed arms or chest is for men. Since this new...

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Running and Weight Loss

Running, Weight Loss, and Fitness I often read about people putting the largest effort into improving their running. But to me, most of them fail to address the elephant in the room. Sometimes they’ll even try all types of famous, or exotic running programs, only...

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Plateau Breaking Strategies

Plateau Breaking Strategies Post Cardio & Heart Rate One of the things that happens when you perform cardio is that your body  gets better at circulating the blood where it needs to be to supply your muscles with oxygen.  What May start out as an...

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Nutrition For Body Recomposition

Nutrition For Body Recomposition In part one of our blog on Body Recomposition (or body recomp for short), we talked about a lot of the things to consider when with your training and lifestyle when attempting to recomp your body. We’ll get into some of the...

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How to Avoid Being Skinny Fat

Go From Skinny Fat to Fit (How to Avoid Being Skinny Fat) First time I heard the expression “Skinny Fat Bastard” was during a Charles Poliquin seminar (RIP Coach). It was the first time, at least that I know of, where someone had described that body type. Being...

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How Rebel Wilson Lost 60 lbs

How Rebel Wilson Lost 60 lbs. (And What We Can Learn From It!) Actress Rebel Wilson has pulled off a very impressive 60 lb. weight loss transformation. Here’s the cool thing about it. It’s something that us every day AverageJoes (and JoAnnes) can pull off. There...

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Full Body Circuit Workout

I’ve always been a huge fan of full body circuit workouts. They’ve always delivered with clients who either have limited experience with weight training, or those that aren’t comfortable with smashing their muscles with higher volume body part workouts. They could...

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Body Recomposition Part 1

What exactly is body recomposition? Body recomposition, or Body recomp for short is when you try to transform your body by gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time. Most of the time we’ve been told that when we want to build the body we want, it’s all about...

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