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“Chris wasn’t like the other trainers, he knew how to get me to where I wanted to go as long as I put in the work and followed the plan. Don’t get me wrong, the work and the plan did not include some magic pill I would take 3 times a day and magically the weight would disappear. It took a lot of hard work, dedication to nutrition and an understanding of what my body wanted and what my body could handle. Not only did Chris understand how to help me, he was willing to go the extra mile by providing detailed nutritional guidelines, how to eat, when to eat and more importantly, what NOT to eat!

I understand how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. You can spend countless hours in the gym, but if you aren’t eating right, you will sabotage yourself. In addition, Chris shared a lot of his knowledge with me so I could one day workout and eat without his guidance. He gave me the tools and he is always around to answer questions that I may have. Another unintended consequence of my training experience with Chris was my ability to share what I had learned with my wife, who was also able to drop from 190 lbs to 120 lbs. What’s more important is that now we have an understanding of nutrition and fitness that our children can use as they get older and we owe a lot of that to Chris.”
S. A.

S. Abrams

Before I started the Chris Howard workout program and regimen I was working out frequently and consistently, but not getting the results I was seeking.  I was doing things that had worked very well for me in the past, during my younger years, but despite all of my efforts I was starting to believe that my age was hindering my results and progress—I felt like anything I did was hopeless and that I needed to accept this.  Chris Howard proved my false believes regarding age to be completely wrong in only a month’s time.  After only one month I saw parts of my body (my problem areas that seemed to never change no matter what I did) change!  These were changes that I thought were only possible with cosmetic surgery or during my pre-pregnancy days (meaning I would need a time machine).

Prior to actually starting the workout program (weight lifting and cardio regimen) I was a bit intimidated and scared.  Thoughts like, “What if I cannot do this,” or “What if I don’t do this right,” “What if it’s too hard” went through my head because my training program is “on-line.”  Luckily, with Chris’s patience, knowledge, expertise, and creative ways of communicating almost any time of the day he made this experience very enjoyable and motivating… my irrational fears and worries became irrelevant and a faint memory!

J. B.