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Top Weight Loss Transformation Mistakes

People tend to make the same mistakes over and over when they’re looking to transform their bodies. Most of these mistakes aren’t just common to weight loss, but are also apply to those trying to gain muscle, get stronger... The key is to avoid as many of these common...

Do These Common Myths About Female Fitness Keep You From Getting Fit?

These are a few of the common myths that apply to women and fitness:
⁃ Lifting Weights Makes You Bulky
⁃ Light Weight High Reps for Toning
⁃ Cardio makes you lean
⁃ I’ll just eat Healthy Food
⁃ Don’t eat after 6 pm…
⁃ Protein makes you fat
⁃ I’ll burn more fat in my fat burning zone

People buy with emotion, and try to justify it with logic!” You can see this wisdom coming into play with most of these myths about females and fitness, and how they’re able to last even though, when science and logic come into play, these myths become laughable fables.

Running, Weight Loss, GRF’s and the Elephant in the Room

Recreational Runners tend to focus most of their energy in the wrong place when trying to improve their running times. When someone carries extra body weight, the smartest strategy to employ might not be finding, and using the most exotic running app or program. It’ll more than likely be addressing the elephant in the room. Excess body fat. Here’s how carrying extra weight affects your ability to run faster.

Steps for an effective Physique Transformation

                                             Steps for an effective Physique Transformation Find Your Why (Be Honest With Yourself) Use the 5 Why’s, get in touch with why this goal is important. "Finding Your Why" when it comes to finding motivation to accomplish your...

How a Lack of Quality Sleep Affects Your Fitness Transformation

Research has found that those that fail to get enough sleep (or low-quality sleep) are more likely to experience health issues such as increased insulin resistance, weight gain, higher stress hormones in the evening (making it harder to get to sleep the following night), lower Growth Hormones…

Your New Year’s Resolution, Solution! Pt. 3

                                                More Tips to Help You on Resolution to Transform your Body!!! Try Extended Sets. When most of us perform resistance training workouts we use what’s known as straight sets. 3 sets of 8, 4 sets of 10, 5 sets of 5 reps…...

Your New Year’s Resolution, Solution! Pt. 2

Two More Tips to Help You Keep the Ball Rolling on Your Transformation If you do perform HIIT Workouts Focus on Increasing Density. HIIT workouts don’t need a high amount of work to be effective. When you make a workout denser, you perform more work in less time, or...

Your New Year’s Resolution, Solution!

                                                         Your New Year’s Resolution, Solution! A lot of people get stuck trying on the path to their transformation. Hopefully you can use few of these tips to get the ball rolling again. Get Organized!!! With the amount...

The High Carb/Refeed Strategy

With most of the low, and even the zero carb programs, using a strategically planned high carb or a high calorie day could not only help accelerate your fat loss, but it can also help you hold on to your muscle, temporarily increase your metabolism so that you burn...

The Health Benefits of Coconut water

What if I told you there was a low calorie drink that was:
– High in electrolytes that many people lack.
– Lower in calories than your favorite sports drink.
– Can lower both high blood pressure and cholesterol.
– Can reduce stress and muscle tension

Apps We Like

The world has changed so much since I started working in the field of fitness. One of the things that has forced some of these changes is technology. A lot of the things we had to do with pencil and paper, has now been made simpler, and can be carried with you on your...

Reasons Why Your Nutrition Program Isn’t Working

Reasons Why Your Nutrition Program Isn’t Working   7. You’re Too Damn Extreme Most people believe that weight loss is only about calories in vs. calories out.Hormones also play a role. Your metabolism is regulated by your thyroid, which produces thyroid hormones. If...

Reasons Why Your Fitness Program Isn’t Working

5 Reasons Why Your Fitness Program Isn’t Working In fact, when you study exercise science you learn about (or you should learn about) 5 principles of exercise science. These principles are: specificity (you must train in the specific way that brings about the desired...

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