With most of the low, and even the zero carb programs, using a strategically planned high carb or a high calorie day could not only help accelerate your fat loss, but it can also help you hold on to your muscle, temporarily increase your metabolism so that you burn more fat, increase the body’s production of some of its anabolic hormones that increase fat loss, muscle gain, and recovery, and most importantly, make it more difficult for the body to adjust to the calorie intake so that you’ll have continued fat loss. The best way to do this while on a low-carb diet is to start off with a 10-14 (5-7 can work, but 10-14 days seems to work MUCH better) day induction phase where you’re on your low carbs, without any cheating. Then on the evening of either day 10th, or the 14th day, you’d have your high carb cheat meals, and you’d take in a high amount of carbs, as well as calories within a 4-hour window. A general rule of thumb is, the higher you are in body fat, the longer you might have to wait between cheat meals to take advantage of a high carb cheat day. I also try to have my cheat meal on a workout day and start cheating after my workout, so that I can store a higher amount of these carbs as glycogen, which can be used to fuel your next workout. One thing that I’d like for you to keep in mind is that this should definitely not be the day you weigh in (neither should the day after), or you should weigh in before you start the carb up. Your weight will be higher than it should be due to the water weight gained from the extra carbs you’ve eaten. Remember each gram of carbs you store will drag 3-times as much water with it, and you’ll retain this extra water for a day or two.