Benefits of Uphill Sprinting HIIT workouts

It’s can be a great boost for your health to get outside an exercise. You can get a great workout in an, get some much-needed vitamin D from the sunlight. Using hills to perform your HIIT workouts in, can be great for those that like sprints, but don’t possess the running technique that those with a background in track possess. We’ve heard about the benefits of high intensity interval training such as:  

   Increased fat loss

   Increased metabolism after workouts 

   Higher levels of fat burning hormones 

 But sprinting uphill vs. on flat ground can be useful also.

 Sprinting uphill can reduce impact injuries because your strides end up being shorter when you run uphill. When you have shorter strides, there’s not as much force absorbed by the body when your foot hits the ground. So if you’re overweight, or not very strong in proportion to your body weight, you’re punished less for uphill sprinting. 

 Uphill sprinting can make you work your glutes and hamstrings more.

 Uphill sprinting can help you increase your stride length when you return to running on flat ground. In fact some studies have shown that using a combination of using uphill & downhill sprints can be more helpful for improving speed than just flat ground running by itself.