More Tips to Help You on Resolution to Transform your Body!!!

Try Extended Sets. When most of us perform resistance training workouts we use what’s known as straight sets. 3 sets of 8, 4 sets of 10, 5 sets of 5 reps… we’ve become accustomed to that these rep schemes, and they do work. But when those results stop coming, we have to find new avenues to travel to make progress by shaking the body up. Super sets, drop sets, circuits, are all part of what we call extended sets. With extended sets, you stretch out time under tension, or for simplicity, let’s say the amount of time that it takes to complete a set. As your sets last longer, while working at higher intensities, you’ll burn more calories during and after the workouts, and the hormones in your body respond to this by giving you the results that you’ve been wanting. If you want to learn more about extended sets, or try out a few programs where you can put them to use, our new membership website has Extended Sets Programs aimed at burning fat, and gaining muscle, at a very affordable price!
Change Your Goal… (Temporarily)
This is not me telling you to quit by any means whatsoever. This is an oversimplified way of me telling you to periodize your training. Here’s I originally used to do it and why I did it. One of the many things I learned from Poliquin was to avoid pursuing the same goal for too long. From exercise science, we know that whatever means that you use to shake up the body to help you get the results you’ve worked for, the body will find a way to adapt to it, so you’ll results will plateau. 12 weeks would be the longest period of time that I’d have someone directly programmed to pursue a certain goal using certain variables. If your goal was fat loss, and you made some good progress after 12 weeks, I’d pull you from fat loss for a bit and you’d temporarily pursue something else that would complement that goal. Back then, it used to be strength because you can increase your strength without gaining large amounts of muscle, the strength gained would allow you to use more weight when you returned to fat loss, and the variables that you use to increase strength are different than those you’d use for fat loss. When you return to fat loss after 4-6 weeks, everything will run smooth again. I could, and have also used hypertrophy (muscle gain), but with two different types of programming that could be used to gain muscle, I’d use workouts that create more muscular tension, with slightly longer rest periods, instead of ones that did so by creating more metabolic stress (long time under tension, with shorter rest periods). All of these qualities exist on a spectrum, and not in isolation. Ideally, if you want to shake things up using this method, you’d want to choose qualities that are close to each other on the spectrum. For example, even though strength improves endurance, endurance training doesn’t improve maximal strength, or power.